I offer evening, full-day, and online workshops on respectful parenting throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. If you are interested in having one of these workshops—or another workshop on a different topic—offered at your home or center, please contact me for details. Below is a list of my current and past offerings.


Current Offerings

Conscious Parenting Practice Group

An four-part online practice group for those who have worked with me in the past.
Four Thursdays | July–October 2019 | Via Zoom

You’ve come to conscious parenting classes or workshops and learned a lot. You’re working on bringing more consciousness to your parenting every day.

As your kid(s) grow, you run into new challenges, and you’re not always sure how to meet them in alignment with your parenting vision and values.

Sometimes you have questions, and you don’t know who to ask about them. Social media groups may help from time to time, but many times, you are pointed in conflicting directions. Where do you go for sound advice? How do you find a group of like-minded parents now that your child is no longer a baby? 

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Past Offerings

Respectful discipline child

The Art & Science of Respectful Discipline

Two Consecutive Monday Evenings | Fall 2018 | Natural Resources, San Francisco

When our babies are born, we tell ourselves that we will love them deeply, care for them well, and avoid repeating the parenting mistakes our own parents may have made. And most of us manage to do these things—most of the time—when our children are babies. But when our children become toddlers and start testing the boundaries of their world, we can also find that we are less able to hold on to the promises we made to ourselves.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to shift our children’s behavior without resorting to punishment, yelling, or shaming. Join respectful-parenting coach Caroline Griswold and communication expert Alejandra Siroka for a unique two-part workshop on how to meet your most challenging moments with your child(ren) with greater connection and respect. We will share an integrated approach to discipline, as well as discuss how the language we use can shape our child(ren)’s development and ways of relating. 

We will address participants’ specific challenges and questions, as well as how to:

  • stay grounded and calm when disciplining;

  • communicate with our child(ren) to encourage shifts in behavior;

  • repair “ruptures” that happen when we discipline too harshly; and

  • work with a partner (if applicable) on a shared discipline vision.

All attendees will leave with practical, immediately applicable tools to guide their children’s behavior in alignment with their parenting values.

Language Matters: How to Raise Confident and Compassionate Children Through Conscious Communication

Six Monday Evenings | January – June 2019 | Natural Resources, San Francisco

In this six-part series, you will learn how to communicate consciously with your children and partner or co-parent. We welcome you to join us for all six workshops or to drop in for as many as you like. Co-facilitated with Alejandra Siroka of Language Alchemy. Topics are:

Fostering Healthy Development Through Conscious Communication
How to Help Your Children Develop Self-Confidence
Strengthening Communication While Parenting

Keeping it Together When You Are Triggered
Passing on A Conscious Communication Legacy
Deepening Connection Through Traditions and Rituals