I offer evening, full-day, and online workshops on respectful parenting throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. If you are interested in having one of these workshops—or another workshop on a different topic—offered at your home or center, please contact me for details. Below is a list of my current and past offerings.


Current Offerings

More Ease, More Joy: Conscious Parenting for the Early Years

Sunday, October 26, 2019 | 1:00–5:00 p.m. | Natural Resources, San Francisco

Co-facilitated with Alejandra Siroka of Language Alchemy.

Perhaps you've looked for information on how to parent more consciously. You've read books, listened to podcasts, and talked to friends. But who do you trust? Some of the suggestions can seem contradictory, complicated, or just not "you."

Wouldn't it be great to feel that you had an authentic and usable set of tools, language, and ideas to turn to for your big AND small parenting questions? A framework to lean on when the next challenge or discussion or feeling arises with your child?

Conscious Parenting can help.

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Respectful discipline child

No More Yelling: The Art & Science of Respectful Discipline

Two Mondays: December 2 & 16, 2019 | 6:30–8:30 p.m. | Natural Resources, San Francisco

Co-facilitated with Alejandra Siroka of Language Alchemy.

When your baby was born, you told yourself you’d do your best to stay calm and not yell even when you got triggered. 

But as your child starts testing the boundaries of their world—and your patience—you find you are less able to hold on to the promises you made to yourself.

It’s so frustrating to feel that your child isn’t behaving as you wish. On top of that, it can be so discouraging to see yourself behaving in a way that does not align with your values and the love you feel for your child. 

Yelling or harsh discipline methods not only lead to feelings of guilt and regret for you as a parent, they also undermine your child’s need for safety and connection with you. 

The good news is that it is possible to learn effective ways to shift your child’s behavior without resorting to punishment, yelling, or shaming.

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Past Offerings

Conscious Parenting Practice Group

An four-part online practice group for those who have worked with me in the past.
Four Thursdays | July–October 2019 | Via Zoom

You’ve come to conscious parenting classes or workshops and learned a lot. You’re working on bringing more consciousness to your parenting every day.

As your kid(s) grow, you run into new challenges, and you’re not always sure how to meet them in alignment with your parenting vision and values.

Sometimes you have questions, and you don’t know who to ask about them. Social media groups may help from time to time, but many times, you are pointed in conflicting directions. Where do you go for sound advice? How do you find a group of like-minded parents now that your child is no longer a baby? 

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Language Matters: How to Raise Confident and Compassionate Children Through Conscious Communication

In this six-part series, you will learn how to communicate consciously with your children and partner or co-parent. Co-facilitated with Alejandra Siroka of Language Alchemy. Topics are:

Fostering Healthy Development Through Conscious Communication
How to Help Your Children Develop Self-Confidence
Strengthening Communication While Parenting

Keeping it Together When You Are Triggered
Passing on A Conscious Communication Legacy
Deepening Connection Through Traditions and Rituals