You want to be the most loving parent you can possibly be for your child. You dream about being patient, open, and kind even when your child is having a hard time or you are stressed and tired. But it's hard—harder than you ever imagined. Sometimes you get angry at your child's behavior, or feel anxious about how you are behaving as his parent.

Now imagine feeling like you can relax when you are with your child. She may have a big emotion—even a tantrum—and you are able to stay present for her with love and compassion. Imagine how it would feel to enjoy your child more—to laugh and play more often than you struggle. To appreciate your child for the unique and wonderful being she is. Imagine feeling like you are being the parent you dreamed of being before your child was born. 

All of this is possible.

I invite you to cultivate your own confidence to meet whatever challenges arise with your child with love and through greater connection. To parent in alignment with your values and from a place of deep respect and appreciation for your child.

Welcome to Fertile Ground Parenting.

Thank you so much for introducing me to respectful parenting! The skills I’ve gained are helping me immensely now that K is a toddler and I’m a mom of two. Parenting is such a steep learning curve and I’m so grateful to have your support.
— Kristy M., Fairfax, CA